TOP HOMOZYGOUS POLLED SEMEN AVAILABLE NOW!! #1 for SRI, WBI, and FTI.  EBVs available in US for PP! #2 in EBVs for marbling in US for PP!

Kewarra King S0213P

NEW HOMOZYGOUS POLLED SEMEN! First Offering! Just arrived in US from Australia! #1 in Marbling, EBVs Available in US for PP! #2 in EBVs for SRI,WBI, and FTI!

Wagyu Cattle & Genetics for Sale – North Texas

We sell all sorts of wagyu related stuff, from bulls to beef and almost everything inbetween including embryos. The site above is pretty up-to-date and contains a lot of information and pictures. Thx for looking!

Limited Top Australian Semen “Here I Come” 4451

Great Australian Semen!From this awesome Itoshigenami JNR son, “Here I Come” 4451 Top 2% SRI and an EMA of +7.2 with Growth and Marbling! AU Reg# DSWFN4451 US Reg# FB82421 Straws in the US are now limited due to an injury that has discontinued his collection in the AU.Get your straws now with this “May […]

Top Australian Semen – TOP GUN

Available now Top Austrailian Semen TOP GUN! Finally arriving in just a few weeks HOMOZYGOUS Polled and HIGH EBV’s!Debuted in the Australian Elite Sale on 4-20-23Call now to Reserve your straws! Call or Text Tina at 208-755-4147Email: Call or Text Tina at 208-755-4147Email: Don’t forget to check us out at… For a […]

Gateway Impressive P11 – Top Australian Semen

This new semen is Impressive!!I wasn’t just joking when I said Impressive, that’s really his name! Gateway Impressive P11US Reg # U92058AU # GTFFS0119 All new and arriving from Australia this month! Impressive may be his name but Performance is his game!Top 1% in all IndexesSRI of 318 and Growth Too! Call or text: Tina […]

Top Australian Semen – APEX R5

APEX R5 Australian Semen available now! Great EBVs and a Great Body! US Reg#FB82398AU Reg# PPWFR005 Top of his class in marbling and every major marker. Call or Text Tina at 208-755-4147 Call or Text Tina at 208-755-4147Email: Don’t forget to check us out at… For a wide variety of services to include;top […]

Wagyu Female and Male Sexed Semen

C Free’s Michifuku CFF102-CFF414, exactly what breeders are looking for to increase marbling in their cattle herd. CFF414 score an 8 on tenderness, “AA” in SCD, tested free of all genetic defects, and has a 4% inbreeding coefficient. CFF414 is Siring offspring’s with high marbling and tenderness; FB27014, FB27957, & FB27958. Sired by C Free’s […]

LRX Wagyu Sire Directory

2022 LRX Sire Summary.  We carry the top 1% Wagyu Sires.  Request your copy of the current sire summary with available bulls (black and reds).  We also have top rated embryos.  Email us or call / text at 512-633-0154 for most recent information.