Texas Wagyu Beef

The Best-Tasting, Most Tender Beef in the World


Since the formation of the Texas Wagyu Association (TWA) in 2009, we have seen the interest in the Wagyu breed continually grow and are now boasting memberships worldwide. The TWA works hard to educate and facilitate the uniqueness of the breed and make it known this is the best beef money can buy! As we continue to promote the breed and grow the association with integrity, we always represent the members well by soliciting & sharing their ideas and being readily available to them.

Please familiarize yourself with our breed, association, and website. We have a number of valuable resources available such as our “Classifieds” page, membership directory, and relevant information on the breed. We encourage you to join us in the TWA, as this rewarding journey continues to build comradery and lasting relationships.

Be a part of our shared vision – we have the distinct opportunity to help define how we grow awareness and develop this highly exclusive Wagyu industry. We want you to be a part of something great!


Join the TWA and Become a part of the exciting Wagyu cattle industry today!


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We want you to succeed in your Wagyu investment by providing you with all the data available to ensure you have the tools to make an educated purchase selection.


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