A BIG Texas Thank You!

The Big Sale & Texas Wagyu Association Annual Membership Meeting held from May 16-18 at the Fort Worth Stockyards was an enormous success! We had an incredible time filled with fellowship, knowledge sharing, and of course, delicious Wagyu. We were thrilled to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. The atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm as we enjoyed insightful presentations from our expert speakers, who provided a wealth of technical information. It was clear that everyone was as eager to absorb the knowledge as they were to savor the exquisite Wagyu dinners and appetizers. The big finale of the weekend was undoubtedly The Big Sale at Billy Bob's, where we achieved an astonishing $1.25 million in Wagyu sales. It was a fitting end to such a phenomenal weekend.

Here is a fun little quick video to remember the sale. Props to Ringman Jay Purchase and Joe Pettit with Stud Wagyu!

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Texas Wagyu Beef

Raising Wagyu Excellence


Since the formation of the Texas Wagyu Association (TWA) in 2009, we have seen the interest in the Wagyu breed continually grow and are now boasting memberships worldwide. The TWA works hard to educate and facilitate the uniqueness of the breed and make it known this is the best beef money can buy! As we continue to promote the breed and grow the association with integrity, we always represent the members well by soliciting & sharing their ideas and being readily available to them.

Please familiarize yourself with our breed, association, and website. We have a number of valuable resources available such as our “Classifieds” page, membership directory, and relevant information on the breed. We encourage you to join us in the TWA, as this rewarding journey continues to build comradery and lasting relationships.

Be a part of our shared vision – we have the distinct opportunity to help define how we grow awareness and develop this highly exclusive Wagyu industry. We want you to be a part of something great!

AuWA and TWA Partnership Announcement

FORT WORTH – April 16, 2024: The President and Board Members of the Texas Wagyu Association (TWA) are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Australian Wagyu Association. We believe this will be a very mutually beneficial partnership for both our organization’s strategic goals. 


853 Oil Well Road

Creating the Epitome of Wagyu Excellence

At the Black Jack Ranch, the utmost care and dedication are poured into maintaining their exquisite ranch. It is meticulously maintained, with lush pastures and pristine facilities that provide a serene and comfortable environment for their animals. They won their herd sire, LMR SAMURAI 1749J, with the high bid of $160,000 at the 2022 TWA Fall Harvest Sale. Samurai’s dam, Ms Itoshigenami 3447A, is an excellent donor from the Lone Mountain Cattle Company program. This prized bull is Female Sexed with High High Marble. He leads with a world-leading +3.6 MS EBV and +0.53 Marble Fineness. He ranks in the Top 1% for all 4 Wagyu Indexes. Their experienced ranch hands meticulously curate his diet, consisting of the finest quality feed and supplements, to support his robust health and extraordinary genetics. From grooming and exercise to ample rest, every aspect of his care is meticulously managed to nurture his physical and mental well-being. At the Black Jack Ranch, they believe that the care they invest directly contributes to the creation of exceptional herds, embodying the legacy of LMR SAMURAI 1749J superior lineage.


802 Brandi Ln, Suite D
Round Rock

As a Texas-based company founded in 2015, we pride ourselves as a family-owned and operated business committed to our customers’ success. We are dedicated to supplying high-quality protein, produce, groceries, dairy products, and dry goods for restaurants and other food service clients, as well as residential. We understand that the food industry demands a reliable and consistent supply chain. By striving to become a partner to our customers, we aim to foster loyalty, satisfaction, and mutual growth. With our focus on customization, quality, and reliability, we are confident in our ability to meet the needs of our customers and help them achieve their goals.

  • Quality products – guaranteed freshness.
  • Customized products to client specifications and personalized customer service.
  • Next-day service, delivered 7 days a week. (Sundays limited service)

Let us be your food service partner! Our team of experts will work with your company to find customized solutions that meet your specific needs, whether you are looking for new product offerings, custom cuts, or logistics solutions, we have the resources and capabilities to help your business succeed.

Join the TWA and Become a part of the exciting Wagyu cattle industry today!



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