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Fushimisake Wagyu

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With less than 250 straws total to offer in the USA.

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50330 County Road 45

Our Story – A Local Family Farm

In 1946, Grandpa Milburn moved his family from western Kansas to a ranch south of Arriba, Colorado. He brought his Angus herd with him. Those Angus cattle were descendants of the original four Angus bulls imported from Scotland to Kansas in 1873.

He liked his Angus cattle. They were heavier going into the fall and wintered better than other crossbred cattle on the ranch. However, he didn’t think they were good mothers. According to Grandpa, “They don’t milk, and will putcha on the fence just for lookin’ at’em”.

Improving his Angus mother cows became his mission in life. This was before serious record keeping and EPDs, but he was cowman enough to recognize maternal traits and how they are passed on from mothers to daughters. By keeping his good cows and culling the rest, he eventually arrived at his “Super Momma” herd. Milburn Angus replacement heifers were highly sought after. We still have one of those last Angus cows in our recip herd.

Though we have transitioned from Angus to Wagyu cattle, this is the same direction we are taking our Wagyu herd.

853 Oil Well Road

Creating the Epitome of Wagyu Excellence

At the Black Jack Ranch, the utmost care and dedication are poured into maintaining their exquisite ranch. It is meticulously maintained, with lush pastures and pristine facilities that provide a serene and comfortable environment for their animals. They won their herd sire, LMR SAMURAI 1749J, with the high bid of $160,000 at the 2022 TWA Fall Harvest Sale. Samurai’s dam, Ms Itoshigenami 3447A, is an excellent donor from the Lone Mountain Cattle Company program. This prized bull is Female Sexed with High High Marble. He leads with a world-leading +3.6 MS EBV and +0.53 Marble Fineness. He ranks in the Top 1% for all 4 Wagyu Indexes. Their experienced ranch hands meticulously curate his diet, consisting of the finest quality feed and supplements, to support his robust health and extraordinary genetics. From grooming and exercise to ample rest, every aspect of his care is meticulously managed to nurture his physical and mental well-being. At the Black Jack Ranch, they believe that the care they invest directly contributes to the creation of exceptional herds, embodying the legacy of LMR SAMURAI 1749J superior lineage.

1665 Florence Road

Your Trusted Full-Blood Wagyu Breeder in North Central Texas!

Dedicated breeder John Sisco leads our mission to nurture 100% Full-Blood Wagyu Cattle. Our commitment is unwavering, striving for animals with top-tier 1% Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) and ensuring they are entirely free from recessive genetic conditions.

Our ultimate aspiration is to enhance the Wagyu Breed. We achieve this by employing the latest pedigree, performance data, and genomic information, resulting in the creation of world-class, defect-free sires and dams.

Explore our offerings, including premium Seedstock, exceptional Embryos, and quality Semen.

Get in touch with us today! We’re here to help you embark on a journey towards superior Wagyu genetics. Give us a call!

7495 CR 2120

Starzz Cattle Company,  located in beautiful East Texas, owned and operated by Bill and Becky Gayle, is a 250-acre cattle ranch, home to full-blood Wagyu cattle. New to the Wagyu breed, our goal is building breed recognition through genetics and technology.  We have full-blood Wagyu heifers, bulls, and cows, and are an F1 producer.

5757 New Authon Road

Looking for the Top 1% of Wagyu cattle you invest in? The Black Dog Ranch and Cattle Company can offer just that.  We are a premier Fullblood Registered Wagyu Seed Stock Producer using the best genetics available from Japan, Australia, and the United States to continue breeding superior Wagyu bulls, cows, and heifers that will advance the breed forward. Our mission is to make each generation of Wagyu cattle better than the last with respect to growth, marbling, and most importantly increased beef production profitability. We breed and sell 100% Fullblood Registered Wagyu cattle. Key genetics for the herd are Shigefuku, Kitaguni Jr, Hirashige, Hanshoku, Rueshaw, Itoshigenai, Kevinhanafuji, Shidoosha, Reushawsan, Itozakura.

463 Rice Rd

We want you to succeed in your Wagyu investment by providing you with all the data available to ensure you have the tools to make an educated purchase selection.

1298 County Road 1405

The Diamond T Ranch is your premier source for recessive genetic disease-free Wagyu cattle, boasting one of the largest full-blood herds in Texas. Our cattle consist heavily of the Tajima bloodline, the most sought-after of the bloodlines for their high marbling content, smooth texture, and buttery finish to the quality of the meat.

The Tristani Family is proud to offer you the healthiest, most delicious beef on the market. Much effort is put into carefully maintaining the health and integrity of our herd on a daily basis. Close attention is paid to the growth of our all-coastal grasslands, the strict feed regimen, and the maturation of our finished feedlot steers. Our entire program, consisting of intelligent genetic combinations, embryo transfer, cow-calf operations, and finished steer feed program is all completed in-house, allowing us to ensure every part of the process from birth to harvest, for not only your benefit but also for our own, it’s all we eat!

La Vernia

Our ranch produces full-blood registered black Wagyu seedstock, embryos, and semen. We utilize proven genetics that will improve your herd and enable you to realize maximum profit from your cattle operation. We are now testing all animals for the SCD/tenderness genes. Our calves participate in a feed efficiency and ultrasound test that provides data to share with potential buyers. We are a small hands-on operation dedicated to the promotion of this great breed. Bubba has over 30 years of experience raising Wagyu cattle, taking them from the pasture to the plate. At Kay Ranch, we firmly believe that the American Wagyu has a place in the American beef industry.


A Bar N Ranch is owned and operated by Gregg Allen and Van Nichols. The Ranch began as a cow/calf operation in June 2005 to more effectively utilize land assets in north Texas. However, the objectives of the operation changed after the founders experienced their first Wagyu steak and learned of the benefits of the breed. Ever since 2009, the ranch has been crossing American Black Angus based Cattle with the goal of developing one of the best herds of Wagyu/Angus cross cattle in the U.S.The result is our American Wagyu with optimum marbling, tenderness, flavor, and health benefits. The beef from our Wagyu/Angus crossbred cattle takes red meat to a whole new level that is beyond Prime. Just ask anyone who has eaten an American Wagyu steak or the many chefs and food aficionados who are convinced that it is simply the finest beef you can ever put on the dinner table.

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