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Turner River Ranch is a family owned ranch that raises a high quality black and red Wagyu seed stock. We also raise a limited amount of finished cattle and sell them direct to the consumer by the quarter.

Exceptional genetics and attention to detail in care and feeding has produced, arguably, some of the best Wagyu beef in America. The 100% Wagyu herd is full-blooded and comes straight from Japan, winning multiple awards and providing some of the best genetics, steaks, and burgers available in the US today. Yamamoto Wagyu Beef has been in the Wagyu business since 1988. Derived from Shogo Takada genetics, we are now working towards a genetics-free herd. Yamamoto Genetics provides 100% Wagyu award-wining bulls which ultimately lead to a premium Wagyu Beef experience provided by Wagyu Beef.

At Rocking 711 Ranch, we strive to produce the very best full-blood Wagyu genetics, as well as Wagyu cattle for the beef market. We utilize phenotype and genotype selection criteria to breed animals that we believe will improve the Wagyu breed. We treat our Wagyu animals with respect, providing them with optimal feed and environmental conditions to achieve a low-stress environment, with excellent nutrition, to allow each animal to reach their full genetic potential.

Old Three Wagyu is located at our Pleasant View Farm, a family-owned farm in Chappell Hill, TX. Proud members of the Texas Wagyu Association, American Wagyu Association, and Australian Wagyu Association, we raise a herd of 100% Fullblood Wagyu on our 500-acre farm. We have multiple forages on our Pleasant View Farm, including various kinds of Bermudagrass, K.R. Bluestem, oats, rye, and our famous Blue Bonnets if you find yourself in Washington County in the Spring! Our cattle-rearing practices are centered around our high standard of care and dedication to the well-being of our herd. Our above-par standards in caregiving, nutrition, genetics, and breeding methodology set the foundation for our herd.

299 Boyd Rd
Red Rock

Welcome to Landgraf Ranch at Walnut Creek. Our ranch is located in Central Texas and we are dedicated to producing high-quality Wagyu cattle including primarily Black Wagyu heifers, bulls, semen, and embryos.

Landgraf Ranch is a beautiful 200-acre farm and ranch located just 30 miles from downtown Austin in Bastrop County in the small friendly town of Red Rock. We raise full bloods, purebloods, and percentages. We sell animals at all levels from steer to full bloods. We focus mostly on black Wagyu. In addition to the Texas Wagyu Association, we are members of the American Wagyu Association and the Australian Wagyu Association (Owner Identifier: LRX). We also market and distribute to international Wagyu Genetics through our associate company, LRX Elite Wagyu Genetics.

Flying C has been in the Wagyu business, focusing on seed stock and breeding animals since the 1990s, and has pedigreed animals all over the United States and some exports to Central America.

2303 CR 4990

With registered full-blood Black and Red Wagyu, GoldStar Wagyu is a Cattle Company that specializes in Elite Wagyu genetics

609 N Elms St

J Brand Wagyu was formed by two brothers, Bill & Robert Johnson, wanting to produce high-quality, 100% Wagyu cattle. Located in Southwest Louisiana, J Brand Wagyu has been producing high-quality Wagyu genetics, concentrating on the use of foundation genetics, to produce the very best heifers and bulls. We are also providing semen and high-quality embryos.

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