Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits of Texas Wagyu Association membership. If you are a Wagyu producer, whether focused on Wagyu seed stock breeding, Wagyu feeder cattle production or Wagyu beef production, you will find that TWA membership provides numerous benefits to help you grow your business. As a Wagyu beef consumer you will find resources that will help you better understand the Wagyu breed and beef quality, and find sources for Wagyu beef. You will find the TWA membership to be a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurial men and women that have the foresight to be working together to promote the beef cattle breed that is destined to change the quality of beef in the United States.


Through the TWA classified advertising system, members can advertise to other members as well as any person that visits the TWA website, and can target the advertising to specific groups of members based upon the member categories.


Wagyu consumer members such as restaurants, butcher shops, meat markets and grocery stores are able to learn about Wagyu beef and find sources of Wagyu beef, whether the sought after source is a commercial feedlot, beef processor or farm-to-table producer, with the ability to advertise to other TWA members based upon the member category.


Wagyu producer members such as seedstock producers, feeder calf producers and farm-to-table Wagyu beef producers will find resources for marketing their products to other members; with the ability to cost efficiently advertise to other TWA members based upon the member category.


The TWA hosts and administers the annual “Steaks Are High” Wagyu seedstock producer sale held in Salado, Texas, as well as Wagyu breeder show at the Houston Livestock Show each year.

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