AuWA and TWA Partnership Announcement

FORT WORTH – April 16, 2024: The President and Board Members of the Texas Wagyu Association (TWA) are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Australian Wagyu Association. 

We believe this will be a very mutually beneficial partnership for both our organization’s strategic goals.

Below is a copy of the official announcement that the Australian Wagyu Association distributed to their membership on April, 15, 2024.

On the 8th of March 2024, the Australian Wagyu Association (AuWA) announced the opening of its International Member Service Office in Fort Worth Texas USA for the advancement of all of its members.  The AuWA now has over 500 international members, with 330 of those members being in the USA. 

This announcement of the AuWA International office in Texas followed execution of a Partnership Agreement between the AuWA and the Texas Wagyu Association to allow joint membership of TWA members with the AuWA and shared services between our organizations. 
AuWA and TWA Partnership
Joint membership will allow TWA members to be directly supported by the new AuWA office in Fort Worth Texas through access to:

  • AuWA’s support of TWA events including the Big Texas Sale and Annual Meeting
  • AuWA’s training and educational support for members
  • Advanced systems for DNA testing and registration services
  • World leading pricing for DNA testing and animal registration
  • The largest global database with leading genetics from members in more than 30 countries
  • AuWA ’s BREEDPLAN EBVs that provide accurate genetic estimates for 16 production traits
  • AuWA ’s Selection Indexes – the only economic selection indexes available for Wagyu
  • Real-time and extended support through AuWA ’s Fort Worth office staff and Australian office

Joint Membership
Through the AuWA – TWA Partnership agreement, Texas Wagyu Association members are able to become members of the Australian Wagyu Association to take advantage of AuWA ’s leading breed improvement tools and services for their registered stock.
For a joint annual fee of USD $300, members will be registered with both Associations.  This will allow sharing of TWA member data between the organizations to facilitate rapid information exchange for TWA member events and sales, along with improved service and support for member enquiries, DNA testing, registration and genetic improvement services for TWA members.
International Office Opening
International Wagyu breeder membership has been part of the AuWA since the Takeda Farm membership was created in 1996.  The AuWA International Office will be opened in partnership with the TWA at their Big Texas Sale member event starting 10am 17 May 2024 at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The International Office is a shared office of the Australian and Texas Wagyu Associations, based in the historic Livestock Exchange Building in the Stockyards Precinct.  The office will have Australian and US citizen staff trained in the use of all AuWA data systems and support services for international members of the AuWA .
Expanding the benchmarked Gene Pool:
The global Wagyu gene pool is a shared resource across breeders in more than 30 countries who work with the Australian Wagyu Association.  Increased international member animal registration and genomic testing has improved the ability for International AuWA members to contribute their genetics into benchmarking programs.  This includes benchmarking their performance within Australian and USA herds through collaborations between members and within formal AuWA progeny testing programs.  Increasing participation and active exchange of genetics between international members and the Australian Wagyu population will enable access to outcrossed genetics that have quantified performance estimates in the globally accepted trait scales.

AuWA International membership growth and use of AuWA published EBVs and selection indexes has created a common language for breeders around the world to work together and share genetics.  The AuWA ’s genetic analysis is globally accepted and by far the most comprehensive and accurate analysis for Wagyu cattle. 

Welcome to Texas – Information Sessions and Evening Event
The AuWA – TWA member day will commence at 9am with an AuWA information session in the Stockman’s Club room in the Stockyards Station complex, followed by lunch and TWA member information items and the TWA Annual Meeting.

Starting 6pm, the AuWA and TWA will host a “Welcome to Texas” Event at the Hotel Drover from 6pm to 9pm.  This event is fully catered and will be capped due to capacity limits, so RSVP here to attend.

The Texas Wagyu Association’s educational program and the Big Texas Sale will be held the 18th of May 2024 at Billy Bobs.  
The Australian and Texas Wagyu Associations are pleased to provide this member announcement to you and we look forward to welcoming you to the Welcome to Texas Information Sessions and Evening Events.

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