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2620 W Highland Dr.

We are a full-service meat retailer, processor & wholesale sausage producer.

We are proud to have our facility and processing Texas State Inspected.

We are a digital media company in North Texas that creates beautiful custom Websites that get found!

We Make the Web Work for You!

The Most VERSATILE Tub Grinder on the Market!
The Roto Grind is a durable, simple, versatile grinder that handles all types of forage, wet or dry as well as ear corn, shelled corn, and small grains (with attachments) either high moisture or dry. The Roto Grind utilizes shear plate system in conjunction with long, heavy hammers to produce a simple machine that doesn’t require screens and uses much less horsepower than conventional machines. Roto Grind machines are used in Dairy feeding and Beef feeding applications.

Since 1995, we’ve been the leading livestock equipment dealer in Texas! We are the #1 WW Livestock Sytems dealer in the World and we are the #1 Titan West dealer in the World! What does that mean for you? It means more experience for you, and better buying power which means lower prices for you. It means excellent end-to-end customer service, sales, consultation, delivery, and installation. It means we have the solutions you need now! Morgan Livestock Equipment Sales strives to provide the best service in the industry, from delivery to set-up as well as long after the sale. In addition to working with livestock producers nationwide, we have a long history of working with local FFA and 4-H clubs across the United States, as well as in providing fair and rodeo equipment to shows nationwide. One of the things that sets us apart from other Livestock Equipment dealers is that we keep almost everything we sell in stock at our facilities. This means that when you want it, it’s here! Most dealers only keep a small sampling of equipment in stock, we have several million dollars in inventory available for you to touch and take home!

802 Brandi Ln, Suite D
Round Rock

As a Texas-based company founded in 2015, we pride ourselves as a family-owned and operated business committed to our customers’ success. We are dedicated to supplying high-quality protein, produce, groceries, dairy products, and dry goods for restaurants and other food service clients, as well as residential. We understand that the food industry demands a reliable and consistent supply chain. By striving to become a partner to our customers, we aim to foster loyalty, satisfaction, and mutual growth. With our focus on customization, quality, and reliability, we are confident in our ability to meet the needs of our customers and help them achieve their goals.

  • Quality products – guaranteed freshness.
  • Customized products to client specifications and personalized customer service.
  • Next-day service, delivered 7 days a week. (Sundays limited service)

Let us be your food service partner! Our team of experts will work with your company to find customized solutions that meet your specific needs, whether you are looking for new product offerings, custom cuts, or logistics solutions, we have the resources and capabilities to help your business succeed.

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