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This is a proved young (2+ years old) herd sire with many lucrative bloodlines.

Itoshigefuku has a SCD of AA and Tenderness of 8.  He is free of all genetic defects and was born on 6/25/2021.  We have 4 calves on the ground from him and are expecting 6 more within the next three months.  The only reason we are selling him is because we have a 1 1/2-year-old Jiro son that we will use as our clean-up bull this year.

His dam is a daughter of Takamichi Doi, a bull whose is a rarity is because he holds the growth and marbling factors of Takazakura on top of a famed breed matriarch in Misako.  The direct sire pulls in LMR 2406Z who goes back to marbling powerhouses San Jirou.


Price: $6000.00


Price: $3,000 - 4,000


Two really nice young bull calves out  of  World K’s Shigeshigetani (FB2907).

These young bulls were born 01/07/2023 and 01/13/2023 respectively and are ready to go.

Shigeshigetani is a well known and proven sire that is believed to have a high degree of propensity to transmit his characteristics to offspring. He is bred from some of the most famous and highly regarded genetics exported from Japan, and has been well proven.

Dam of both of these young bulls is BarV 610D (FB24459) and has a pedigree that includes World K’s Yasufuku Jr (FB5061) and World K’s Kitaguni Jr (FB2422)

Both bulls are free of all recessive traits. Please feel free to email, text or call with any questions.

J Brand Wagyu will be happy to work with you on delivery of these animals to your location.

Price: $4.000 each


FB39499  KR Ito F256ET      Australian Reg./KR2FPF256

This bull comes from the famed Rocky Mountain Wagyu program. He is an
embryo out of TF 813 Kimitofuku and a granddaughter of ETJ002. The
late Eldon Clawson was very excited about the results of this unusual

Eldon is our mature and  proven herd bull.  We collected him early on
and still have semen available.  Semen rights will transfer except for
what is currently in our tank.  Eldon was enrolled in a progeny test
and those carcass numbers are just now being received.  We will be
happy to share them and the camera images with you if you are
Only a four year old, Eldon has many years left to upgrade your herd
with his elite foundation genetics.

Located in Manor TX just east of Austin

Price: $5000


FB81862/KR2F22TK342.  And FB81863

Both bulls are sired by Sumo Michifuku 154.

They both weigh over 900 lbs., have been ultrasounded, fertility tested  and are ready to go to work.

Price: $5000 each. Take them both for $9500.

We sell all sorts of wagyu related stuff, from bulls to beef and almost everything inbetween including embryos.

The site above is pretty up-to-date and contains a lot of information and pictures.

Thx for looking!

Price: $10000


“Domo” is his name

Reg# FB97774  Located in Ovalo, TX

Price: $8,000


148 Son over Shigeshigetani F11C

Reg# FB59559 Two and a half yrs old

Price: $8,000


Looking to purchase Jerseys in or around the North Texas area.

Does anyone have some or a contact to share?

Please call or text 208-755-4147 to work out the detail. Thanks y’all!

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Australian Semen available now!

Great EBVs and a Great Body!

US Reg#FB82398
AU Reg# PPWFR005

Top of his class in marbling and every major marker.

Call or Text Tina at 208-755-4147

Don’t forget to check us out at…

For a wide variety of services to include;
top breeding stock semen, embryos, and live animals!

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