Proven Herd Bull

FB39499  KR Ito F256ET      Australian Reg./KR2FPF256

This bull comes from the famed Rocky Mountain Wagyu program. He is an
embryo out of TF 813 Kimitofuku and a granddaughter of ETJ002. The
late Eldon Clawson was very excited about the results of this unusual

Eldon is our mature and  proven herd bull.  We collected him early on
and still have semen available.  Semen rights will transfer except for
what is currently in our tank.  Eldon was enrolled in a progeny test
and those carcass numbers are just now being received.  We will be
happy to share them and the camera images with you if you are
Only a four year old, Eldon has many years left to upgrade your herd
with his elite foundation genetics.

Located in Manor TX just east of Austin

Price: 5000
Contact Information: 512-801-1424
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